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FTP клиенты
Почтовая рассылка
Загрузка сайтов
Почтовый клиент
Чтение новостей
Резервное копирование
Поиск доменов
Обработка файлов
Генераторы отчётов

ИнтернетСофт. Интернет-технологии и программное обеспечение для передачи данных. Почтовые и ftp клиенты, программы для почтовой рассылки и загрузки сайтов.

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  • Joe, rooperi@ "This is so cool!" Very easy, I used smart ftp which is a good programme, but on my new PC I uploaded this in a few minutes, and it worked perfectly from the beginning.
  • Tyrael[RW] "Very easy to use" I downloaded this one and in less than a minute i had it running and was on the FTP i needed. In the next minute I uninstalled WS_FTP.
  • John D "Super Easy to Use" For even a beginner like me this was easy and fast to install and configure. Within 15 minutesI was uploading files to my new site. Thanks for making it free with no banner ads!
  • Holger Schmidt, skysoft @ "Very easy!" FTP Commander is indeed very easy and simple to use. Easy installation, Easy handling,and fast in getting things done. Good, if more is not wanted. MFG. Holgi
  • Yahgo "Worked Better than Cute FTP" Tried Cute FTPand it would not connect to my FTP Server, tried 5-6 times, got up set and tried FTP Commander and it worked on the First Try!!! I Love It and it's FREE!!!!
  • David. I have downloaded your ftp commander. It is very good Thank you
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